All Paper Flower Templates

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Get ready to save some money. Crafting is expensive and money is probably what holds you back from crafting more. And you want to craft more. Don't you? After you buy this bundle, you will have all the paper flower templates you will ever need. You will be able to pick from 28 different templates for all your paper flower projects.

If you were to buy all these templates one by one, it would cost you over $110. But if you buy them together, you'll be saving $32. Even if you don't use all of the templates, buying this bundle will still save you money even if you don't use all the templates. If you plan on using 19 of the 28 templates, you will break even. If you plan on using less than 19, I would recommend buying them individually.

These flower templates come with a video and photo tutorial on how to put them together.

Flowers you will get: Lotus, Magnolia, orchid, peony, poinsettia, poppy, bleeding heart, bluebell, carnation, cosmos, daffodil, dahlia, daisy, gerbera daisy, giant gerbera daisy, giant orchid, giant rose, giant sunflower, hibiscus, juliet rose, large leaf, vine, lisianthus, rose, stargazer lily, tulip, and zinnia. Each flower comes with: -SVG, DXF, and a PDF *Some Flowers can not be cut out by hand

Looking for a Good Deal?

Get all my paper flower templates bundled together and get 20% off.

After you purchase the files, you will be able to download them from my website. You will also get an email with a download link.

After you download the files, you will need to unzip them. It is very easy and it only takes a few clicks of the mouse. 

You can find videos on how to do that below-

For Mac

For Windows

What do you do after you unzip it?

After you unzip it, you will up be able to see the different files in the folder. The one you want to use with your Cricut is a SVG file.

If you are using a Silhouette and you haven't upgraded your software, you will want to use the DXF file. If you have upgraded, use the SVG.

Now you are ready to cut. It is super easy once you get the hang of it. If you don't get it right away, keep trying and you will get it.